The Role-Player's Guide to Paladin Holy Swords

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Background and Explanations

Did you ever get the feeling that the paladin holy sword quests are lacking? Maybe the storyline doesn't make much sense. Maybe there's no apparent connection or logic between one part and the next. A large part of the reason for this is that we're missing much of the lore text that lends flavor to the game. Most players will ask friends for help, or perhaps consult a guide, when they get stuck on a step. That friend or guide will normally point the player to the fastest way to complete the step, and that often means missing much of the talk and exploration that ties the bits of the quest together.

These guides are a bit different from the other guides out there. Most other guides focus on the fastest way to complete the quest, which makes the quest seem illogical at times. Rather than doing that, this guide takes the slow and scenic route. I've searched the Web extensively for lore text for the quests and verified as much of it as I can in-game. Below you will find the full text of the paladin holy sword quests, from beginning to end.

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What the colors mean

I've color coded the text in the guides.  Quoted text from the game is surrounded by a "chat box," as follows.

Text in this color means that it has been verified in-game; this is text copied directly from log files.

Text in this color means I got it from another guide, spoiler, or posting on the Internet -- it needs to be verified against in-game text.

Text in this color is my notes on NPC text and quotes.

Text formatted like so is stuff I still have to do, or notes on what still needs to be done or verified against in-game sources.

Text in this color is just my general commentary, notes, caveats, etc.

Where to submit corrections

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